Zillertal home cooking to try out

"Kaspress" dumpling.

Zillertal homemade cooking - we'll tell you how the cheese dumplings are guaranteed to be a success.


• 6 boiled potatoes
• 25 days of crumbly curd cheese
• 15 days of grated Graukas
• 5 dag flour to the touch
• Salt, pepper, chives
• 1 medium, grated onion
• a little grated garlic to taste
• Clarified butter for baking


1. Peel and grate or strain the potatoes and mix with the remaining ingredients to form a dough.
2. Form into patties and fry in clarified butter until crispy and brown on both sides.


Use a smooth pan as the Zerggl tend to stick. Ev. Flour the Zerggl a little before adding them to the hot clarified butter. Clean the Muaser (kitchen friend) of any crusts in between. You can eat the Zerggl with herb sour cream and green salad or simply with cranberries and buttermilk. They are also often eaten in beef soup with onions.

We wish you bon appetit!

Friday, February 2nd, 2024